Almost Done

One more week. I am so ready. Some people say hold onto high school because you will miss it. Well umm yeah right. I will not miss high school one bit. Honestly it isn’t the worst thing to happen in my life but it still sucks. I can not imagine another year in this shit hole. Like no more waking up at 8. I refuse to have a class before 9. If you knew me you would totally agree that is the way to go. No more asking to go to the bathroom. I go when I want. No spending hours of my day stuck in a bipolar school that can’t decide if it wants to be cold or hot. I most likely will not be coming to school much next week. I mean I even came to senior skip day so I think I deserve a day off next week. Or maybe a few days. No more high school finals to take. Unless I some how fail. Which I would cry.


Mothers day

To the mother I sometimes like. Happy mothers day. Sorry Allison is not here to spoil you and suck up. Forever and always daddys little girl.

So for real not the biggest fan of my mom. We aren’t alike in any way. She bugs me everyday. Like the unlimited questions she asks. She also asks the same question over and over because she cant remember anything. Yeah she does a lot but so does my dad. And whenever he does something it is never enough. So thats why it bugs me. Like she couldnt even pack her own box to ship. Now we have some bonding time like watching Greys and stuff. Its not like my mom and I fight we just don’t sit down to talk. I bet anyone who reads this will be like wow what a spoiled brat but you dont live with her.

Birthday !

So on Friday my friends surprised me by waking me up at 6:45 to go to Ihop. Funny how I planned to go there anyway but little did I know they had this figured out for a week. Shout out to Bari,Megan,Kelly and Iman for getting up early. I got cupcake pancakes and wow were they good. I recommend them. After that I went back home to nap before I went to school because I don’t have a 1st hour. I slept through my alarm and my parents did not bother to wake me. Even though I miss a lot they let me sleep and have the day off of school without me even asking. My parents rock. So that night my dad and I went to the Cards game. We lost but I still got the free jacket giveaway. It is a pretty nice jacket. Sadly I had to end the night after the game because I had to babysit at 6 the next morning. I love the kids so it wasn’t bad.

Ap test

So overall the Ap test was not as horrible as I thought it would be. I actually feel kinda good about it. I don’t want to jinx myself so I’m not going to say I got a 5. I probably didn’t anyway. The test before went late so we had to wait for it to end. I could have gone to class with all the time I spent waiting. Time went by fast during the test. The test didn’t end till 3:05 and I was supposed to be at work at 2:15. When I got there I was worn out. Taking a two hour test takes a toll on the body. Also my body hurt all over most likely from stress. Back to work. My boss to be honest isn’t all that great. She is getting on our case about “not doing our job” when she isn’t even around. I kid you not she takes off at least a week each month. Kinda annoying because I can barely take a day off without being asked to sub. I can not wait till Cancun. I deserve this vacation after graduation.

No Work

I took off work this week to study and get ready for my ap exam. I really needed this time. All of my coworkers go spring break off but I had to work over time by myself to cover their hours. So this was well deserved. Now that I had a taste of not going to work I never want to go back. Unfortunately that isn’t something I can do. Parkway seniors graduate a lot earlier than us so they are all checking out of work really early. Our job is to watch kids after school. So normally we have five to six people working each day but in May we have three to four. Same number of kids just less staff. The kids are already getting restless. I have no idea how we will manage them. I mean I can barely contain my excitement to be out of school so I understand why they are excited. Basically to describe May it will be a shit show. So wish me luck and if I am super crabby next month you know why. I will probably not be getting a lot of sleep too so that combined with work will = a unhappy Megan. I don’t get paid enough for what I do. Okay deep breath in. Only till the 25th of May. I can do this. I think.

Sisters for life?

So as we are all aware my birthday is tomorrow. Also my sister is in college at Mizzou. So I understand some times she can’t come back for all occasions but I think my birthday is pretty important. The reason she isn’t coming back is because PIKE is having a formal. Like sure fromals are cool but she still has two more years of them. I mean I have grown up with her and I should know by now that she likes to go to all the cool events and can’t miss out on one. I am not going to tell her it annoys me but I secretly hope she gets my vibe. She could have at least come back for like my prom or something to make up for not being here for my birthday. For those thinking she is in college she can’t just drive back for everything. Well she can it’s literally only an hour and a half away. The lake is an hour away from Mizzou. That is where the formal is. Kinda hurt she picks a frat formal with her boyfriend over me. They are also staying at a shitty motel. Like I see what matters most now.


So I expect a gift from all of you. Also as soon as I walk in I should be pampered and not have to do any work. Okay back to the real world. Honestly having your birthday during a weekday sucks unless your birthday is in the summer. Like who wants to wake up on their birthday and go to school. I’m pretty sure I am going to IHOP also for breakfast so that means I have to wake up even earlier. So going to IHOP probably won’t happen. After school I don’t have work so like that’s a gift itself. Later on I am going to the Cards game. Normally my dad tries to get Blues tickets for my birthday but the schedule isn’t out yet. Oh well Cards game will still be fun. On Saturday we are having my family birthday party. My last one because it stops after 18. So sad. I really hope all my family attends. My cousins wife is self centered and only comes if she feels like. So sadly I don’t get to see him all the time. The only other person that might not come is my cousin Nicole. She moved to Florida with her boyfriend about a year ago so she can’t really fly up for a birthday party. Only a few hours till my birthday how amazing. I am really excited for this birthday for some reason. Maybe cause I am an “adult” now. Not that it means much but oh well.

Sick of Spring

How lovely spring is. The flowers bloom. The grass is green. Birds chirp. Warm weather comes. All that is great but I can not forget about this pollen. It is annoying. My pretty red car is now a shade of powder yellow. The patio furniture is lightly coated by this yellow stuff. So ya pollen helps make more flowers and food blah blah blah. It also makes me super sick. My eyed itch like no other. Throat is scratchy and swollen. Ears hurt like no other. Oh yay spring is here. Now I really don’t complain about such a small illness and I just continue on with my life. The kids I watch after school think that because pollen bothers them they won’t have to go outside. I can not even count how many times I have heard “I have allergies I cant go outside” and “im allergic to grass”. Okay so almost all year we have gone to the field and now you say you are allergic to grass. I honestly feel my kids just copy what they hear others say. Now I just tune it out when they complain. Only a little bit longer to go. Then Im free from work!

Children’s Story Draft

In Blue Town a young girl, named Afina, sat at home. Her grandmother was in the kitchen making lunch for them. Afina was bored so she decided to watch her grandmother.

“Grandmother what are you doing?”

“I made lunch for you. Why don’t you sit down at the table and eat.”

“Eating is boring though.”

“Well how about I tell you a story while you eat.”

“Many years ago when I was a young girl Raindrom was not split into two. Blue people and Red people coexisted together in harmony. One day a Blue man got in a fight with his Red neighbor. The Red man’s flowers had crossed over into the blue yard. This was not okay in the Blue man’s mind. The problem was not resolved because the red man believed his flowers were better than blue flowers. Before we knew it all the Blues were against the Reds. The leader was upset by the conflict and could find no solution. So her ordered the towns people to separate the two colors by a wall. To this day the wall still divides the Blues and the Reds.”

With a mouth full of blueberries Afina asked, “Where is the wall? I have never seen it.”

“The wall is many miles into the Blue Forest.”

After lunch Afina and her grandmother took a nap. Afina could not sleep though all she could think about was the wall. She quietly snuck past her sleeping grandmother and out the door. She took off on her journey to the Blue Forest. Afina had walked many miles through the forest and was getting tired. She decided to stop and sit on a blue rock. She sat down and looked around to see if she could see the wall. As she turned around she saw Red trees. How could this be. She had not gotten to the wall yet she thought. Afina looked down and saw that she was sitting on the wall itself. The wall had crumpled down. Curiosity had gotten the best of her and she decided to explore the red side. She carefully stepped over the wall and continued on.  She reached the edge of the Red Forest and peaked out. She saw a small red boy about her age. He quickly looked over and she hid behind the trunk of a red tree.

The boy called out, “Hello. I know you are here I saw you.”

Afina slowly walked out from behind the trunk towards the boy.

With a huge grin on his face the red boy said,”Hi, my name is Admon. I have always wanted to meet a blue person!”

Trembling Afina stuck out her hand to greet him, “Hi, I’m Afina. I have never met a red person.”

They shook hands and started talking. The two kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing tag and hide and go seek together.

When it was finally time to leave Admon exclaimed, “Blue people aren’t bad like my grandpa told me!”

Afina reasured, “And Red people are not bad like my grandma told me!”

The kids both ran back home excited to tell their family the great news about their new friend.

Prom vent

So to anyone who did not go to prom don’t feel bad. It sucked. To start the day off I got my hair done and over paid for me to not even like it. So I was sorta freaking out. Luckily my neighbor is good with hair and saved it. So after that everything went smoothly. I got ready on time. Which is very rare and took a few family pictures before my date got to my house. My date was a very shy guy but very nice. So we went to the park to take pictures and had to walk down a big hill. After pictures we had to walk up the hill. We got in the car and I realized I had so female issues going on. Just great. Finally got to prom and the food wasn’t that great but whatever. Then went to dance. My date could not dance so it was very awkward. Also I think I got stepped on a million times. After a while I was still having female issues and wanted to leave to change my date wasnt ready so my friend took me home. I do not feel bad because I was not about to ruin my dress. On the way home the guy having the after party decided to kick me from the group. Cool like night of prom and you decide to do this. My parents were pissed because of the amount of parties we have. So my night ended by me crying and going to bed. Not trying to make people feel bad cause I am over it now. He just wont be able to come to any of my parties and well I have lots so cant wait for him to sit at home alone.